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It’s simple

The Struggle

Germany, awaken

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Ein Volk


Taylor addresses the youth

Inauguration Announcement!

It’s a glorious day for our movement as the Overton Window inches one step closer towards our true goal. Whether…

A Happy NY from us

Merry ChristmaSS

Train to Survive

New Facebook page!

Our new facebook page is up! Click here Wonder how long before the Zuckerberg takes us down again…. Our best…

Years gone by


Make this your next phone wallpaper. Download the original PNG here

Attacker’s advantage -My thoughts on that Richard Spencer speech

Admin here sharing some insight on the whole NPI/Spencer media Blitz.   Fact one: I did ‘Heil Trump’ before it…

Taylor’s manifesto

Prepare for battle


Heil Trump. Heil Swift. Heil Victory. Admin have been wading through the tears of liberalsĀ for hours. The defeat of these…

Stake your life for honor

It’s Reich Time

The law of Honor

The Empress addresses her youth

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