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What “matters” today


For the Fatherland


Taylor visiting the construction site of the Atlantikwall.

Are YOU Ready?

A complete overhaul

Taylor (feat.Adolf) – WATCH their new music video – “Long live”

Video: Long Live

14 words

Begin Again


Get your GOY T-shirt today!

Support our a friend of ours by purchasing this Bad Goy t-shirt. The act of wearing this in public will…

Become Superior

Change through Example

Don’t Apologize for being white. Ever.

It’s ok to be White. It’s ok to take pride in your race and family. It’s ok to celebrate your…

Our Official Mod!

Download our mod for Hearts of Iron IV: here Literally, the first mod on the planet sanctioned by the Aryan Goddess…

The Führer’s Birthday

Happy Easter!

Easter Content

Beware of the jew!

The German Century 

Past mistakes of the 20th century  will not be repeated under her guidance.

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