Look what she will do to the jews!

Look what she will do to the jews!

Source from 4chan:
The video is an announcement to the pedo elite that Trump knows what they are up to, has a list of all their names, and is coming for them

Taylor Swift’s handlers are on Team Trump and now they are psychologically torturing the globalists with this video

Think of how PewDiePie makes low-level Jewish journalists feel with his troll vids, we are witnessing the next dimension of that

The video is supposed to make Hillary and Podesta sweat while they painstakingly analyze each frame, trying to figure out what Trump knows about them. It isn’t even meant for our eyes

Also, this other video from last year was a dogwhistle to reveal that Taylor Swift is onboard as a propaganda agent working for Trump: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqmmEso_2sI

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