Jezebel Hates Us

Jezebel Hates Us

So the dyke SJW website “Jezebel” interviewed the owner of the “feminist taylor swift” twitter page. Proceeds to unleash an unimaginable amount of butthurt…

“Speak now/if the white supremacists are using you as a symbol for hate” would be a good way to sum up the thread tweeted out yesterday morning by Feminist Taylor Swift, a parody Twitter account launched in 2013 which rewrites Taylor Swift lyrics to correlate them with feminist topics such as rape culture and the wage gap.

When your arguments on rape culture and the wage gap gets debunked 6 million times so now you have to resort to rewriting pop song lyrics to justify your marxist cause.  Reminding us why every feminist is extremely cancerous and gas chamber worthy.

“The alt-right loves Taylor Swift and thinks that she’s like their Aryan goddess, and they’re trying to own her in a way that I HATE! I absolutely hate it…

Why yes, indeed, we’re nothing more than humble foot soldiers of Empress Taylor, fighting according to her instructions to secure the 14 words and reinstate the 3rd Reich. You can hate us, but it won’t bid you any more time when the fascist revolution begins, for you’ll only be granted with a ‘swift’ death.

Now you may wonder who’s the author of this article:

Every. Fucking. Time.

Sorry kikes. we won’t stop.

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