Inauguration Announcement!

Inauguration Announcement!

It’s a glorious day for our movement as the Overton Window inches one step closer towards our true goal. Whether or not you believe Trump is “our guy”, he is already doing some great work. If we stop talking for a second, we could hear the autistic screeching of the hooknoses and Soros crying over losing his shekels.
Let’s ignore the recent turmoil plaguing the alt-right Edgisphere for a day and feast amidst the tears of college liberals and Antifa subhumans.

These brave Trump protesters could use a shower.


We are going to have a live watch-party event with our supporters. To join, simply access our Discord server by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

For a complete list of scheduled events on Inauguration day:
Heil the Empress!

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