Charlottesville and Daily Stormer Ban

Charlottesville and Daily Stormer Ban

Divide and conquer has been the principal policy of the jews in their war against the goyim. Always propagating individualist ideals such as democracy and party politics to keep the masses divided, in contrast to (((their))) way of collectivist thinking, the lack of unity amongst groups of non jews will serve as a primer for their infiltration.

The Charlottesville “Unite the right” rally was a major success for our movement, despite the unprecedented backlash from the powers at be and their front companies that regulate the internet.
It was the much-needed show of force and a triumph in the right direction. Thousands showed up and thousands more were on the way before the permit for the rally got revoked.


The ultimate counter signal word, stressing on “muh optics” does nothing to further our cause nor does it aid the survival of the white race.
Yes, there was one guy showing up with a swastika flag, that photo of him was widely publicized yet strangely, he didn’t get doxxed or anything, I smell a fed…
Yes, the TWP guys can seem a little LARPY to a lot of people with their uniforms, and their organized blackshirt-esque approach does put a lot of people off.
However, when push comes to shove, it’s always the “neoooo nazis” among the harder alt right that’s willing to fight these antifa marxists on the streets, despite being severely outnumbered. Watch any video from Charlottesville and you will see the Traditionalist workers party guys holding their ground against the communist hordes. While those amongst our ranks calling for better optics and disassociating with natsocs are nowhere to be found when the shit really goes down.

The Dailystormer/Stormfront ban

The internet’s gatekeepers showed (((their))) true intent by banning dailystormer and stormfront, seizing their domains permanently. Right wingers that won’t defend these websites are cowards who caved into political correctness long ago and left the rights to freedom of speech in the gutter. This includes the vast majority of the “alt lite” that built their entire careers are defending freedom of speech, the likes of Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern did absolutely nothing to address this blatant assault on the dignity of the white race ( or erheeeem western civilization, as these civcucks prefer it)
In a way, we also have to thank them, even the jews and the backstabbing cucks, for this only encourages us to push onwards, to build our own social media and video sharing platforms ( is a promising example)
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Heil Swift! Heil Victory!

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