Attacker’s advantage -My thoughts on that Richard Spencer speech

Attacker’s advantage -My thoughts on that Richard Spencer speech

Admin here sharing some insight on the whole NPI/Spencer media Blitz.


Fact one: I did ‘Heil Trump’ before it was cool

As Emperor Trump’s ascension to Godhood have no doubt caused massive floods of salty liberal tears, a new battle arises to the forefront of the news media.  The battle for the true identity of the Alt-Right we all know and love.

The (((mainstream media))) is scrambling for ammunition to attack our allies in the alternative right and Richard Spencer gave them just that.

White nationalism have been put to the focal point of politics lately thanks to the blessings of the Empress, and a major clash between us and the Buzzfeed reading liberal masses is inevitable. While I was a little underwhelmed that only 4 or 5 people in that NPI crowd commenced the Roman salute, I was also relieved to know that we’ve made the first move. Millions of people have been exposed to what we’re about, the restoration of the white identity in America and (((They))) are running scared; “oy vey Goy never go full 1488”.

This NPI conference was a forward move, the white nationalist wing of the Alt right is breaking out of the shadows in this new war for western restoration.

Many are questioning the personal agenda of Spencer himself, wether he’s a controlled opposition, a true Aryan crusader or simply an opportunist trying to cash in on this wave of popular-ism. Either way, it does not matter because he just proved we are big enough of a threat for the kikes to respond with a full barrage from their weapons of manipulation and public deception. After watching Spencer’s full 30 minute speech, I feel like this is not a bad first move for us at all. Keep in mind this will be the first time most normies will have come in such close contact with our ideology, his speech offered a comprehensive summary on what we’re about. You can find the full speech here

We are the attackers. We made the first move. The mainstream is responding to us.

(((Their))) world is falling apart and ours is being built.

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