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Taylor released the second single of her upcoming album “Reputation” ( I can’t wait for fashy edits ;D )



New Germans

Petry replaced


Wir stehen zur AfD!

Wählt AfD!


woman’s duty

Constant Reminder

Jezebel Hates Us

So the dyke SJW website “Jezebel” interviewed the owner of the “feminist taylor swift” twitter page. Proceeds to unleash an…

Charlottesville and Daily Stormer Ban

Divide and conquer has been the principal policy of the jews in their war against the goyim. Always propagating individualist…

Video: Another fan video to LWYMMD

United against Jewry

The unity of feeling in a movement, in a people. That is why (((they))) will always be for ‘democracy’ which…

Video: Long Live

Breaking: Photo of the Charlottesville car crash suspect

Look what you made me do (with Führerin Swift)

Video: Look what you made us do

Taylor ⚡⚡wift – Look what you made me do (Music Video)

Uncensored music video that got the (((elites))) kvetching

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